Lim Ruger & Kim Attorneys and Lawyers

Lim Ruger & Kim Attorneys and Lawyers offers many services in the field of family law. They have over 12 years of experience, and are licensed to practice law in both New York and Florida. This firm offers everything from divorce to property division; they handle all aspects of your case so you are never confused or unsure what is going on!

Lim Ruger & Kim Lawyers was founded in 2002 by Robert A. Lim and David J. Kim, who both began their legal careers with several years of experience specialized in matrimonial and family law. They joined forces to create a new firm that would be able to provide thorough and comprehensive representation for clients dealing with all aspects of family law. Since then, Lim Ruger & Kim Lawyers has gone on to represent thousands of clients in the New York and South Florida area.

Lim Ruger & Kim Lawyers offers its clientele various services in the field of family law. The firm is well versed in many areas such as divorce, equitable distribution (property division), child support, alimony, child custody, paternity actions and restraining orders.

In 2002, the firm started by representing clients in Matrimonial matters such as divorce and equitable distribution under Florida law. In 2003 there was a niche developed for family litigation involving corporations and closely held businesses.